Globalwealth Ltd is a corporation registered in The Marshall Islands with The Registrar Of Corporations (Corporate Filing Number:40845). Our specialty is Commodity and Asset Management.

Globalwealth delivers innovative tradeflow solutions. Formed in 2009 and based in Amsterdam, the vibrant capital of Europe,Globalwealth is led by an experienced executive team who truly understands the issues and challenges faced by energy companies and the market. At a time of increasing focus on business controls and compliance and against a background of continued cost consciousness, more and more companies are looking to improve critical business processes.


We have international key partners that share our philosophy: To conduct business to the highest levels of honesty, integrity, transparency and professionalism. Globalwealth works directly with well-established network of partners –including direct mandates- in the areas of petroleum products,Icumsa 45,Cement,AU Gold,Urea and Scrap Metal.

The primary function of Globalwealth is to identify the specific needs of our clients and match them with the seller that best suits them. All transactions will take place directly between certified buyers and sellers, some of which are highly recognized in the oil industry. We can also assist some clients with the registration process needed to conduct business with some sellers.

In addition, Globalwealth has partnered with a company dedicated to the independent Oil and Gas Exploration and Production. This dedicated group of highly experienced energy sector specialists can acquire exploration equipment like rigs and provide the technical expertise including manpower needed to offer a turn-key solution to our client’s exploration needs.

All our transactions follow the standards established by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). For added security, we work with the Commercial Crime Service Division of the International Chamber of Commerce. We are very sensitive to the quality of our transactions and client confidentiality.

Our (GWL) suite has been designed to address the needs of oil and gas companies who desire to improve their business processes relating to the planning, procurement and payment of complex oil field services. The Globalwealth GWL delivers a complete, end-to-end solution that helps company engineers to collaboratively plan and specify complex services with their service providers, to automatically reconcile field-tickets and invoices, and to enforce compliance with preferred service providers′ contracts.

In addition to our software solutions, Globalwealth provides a range of professional services related to the implementation and support of the Globalwealth GWL solution.

The company also enjoys strong relationships with leading global providers of technology and professional services, including SAP with whom the company has developed and is marketing a joint industry solution for upstream oil and gas services procurement.

Our representatives are able to communicate in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Dutch. We are also in the process of expanding our services and exposure by opening a representative office in Russia, India,China and Nigeria.